4711 Convention Photos

Great convention and a great cast assembled with performers from coast to coast.  Representing The Beautiful Creatures, Mina had a costume booth for Columbia's Closet, met Patricia Quinn and Gary Shail (Oscar Drill from Shock Treatment), and also met up with some performers from Ft. Worth that we'd love to have guest perform!
He's Okay!

Recognize the tank?  It's from The Beautiful Creatures from 2001.  It was sold when the original cast went defunct to a cast in Indiana.  From there it migrated East and now lives with the Home Of Happiness cast in New Jersey.

Shawn & Patricia

Patricia Quinn showing her appreciation of Shawn as Rocky!   The House Of Blues had an incredible stage and it was awesome seeing the toilet paper stream from the balcony level!

You can check out the rest of Mina's convention photos in her Flickr account.