Halloween 2017 at River Oaks

I know several other theatres in Houston plan on showing the film without a shadow cast. That is sacrilege. Rocky Horror is a cult movie EXPERIENCE, and Halloween is a sacred time. The River Oaks is a glorious 500-seat theatre with a full bar. The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos cast won't disappoint you. Believe me, I've been around a while. I know about these things.

Tickets on sale at: 

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Port Arthur Newspaper Clip

I'm still not having much luck on my Rocky Horror Road Show search, but I found this blurb mentioning the film moving from the Gaylynn to the Lamar Cinema.

Stansbury, Mark. "Everything happening, all at the same time." Port Arthur News. November 17, 1978.



Do yourself a favor and go see this show - this is the last week! It's rare that Houston gets a well-budgeted, professional production of The Rocky Horror Show.  The cast was fantastic and the show was high-energy all the way through. Dressing up is encouraged (no masks, please) and call-backs are permitted.

If you feel like splurging, you can get a table next to the stage and the performers will make their way to you during the show, which was a lot of fun! It's in the Hobby Center's smaller stage (500 capacity) so there isn't a bad seat in the house.



The Rocky Horror Show at TUTS (November, 2016)

The Rocky Horror Show is coming to TUTS, November 8 - 20.  Tickets range from $39 - $89.

Frank: Pierre Alexandre
Brad: Scott Harrison
Janet: Connor Lyon
Riff Raff: Adam Gibbs
Magenta: Erin Wasmund
Columbia: Madison Turner
Rocky: Mason Butler
Eddie/Dr. Scott: Ryan PatRick Smith
Narrator: Susan Koozin - Narrator
Phantoms: Brittany Halen, Michael Sylvester, Ragan Richardson, Ashley Lee,Steven Boyd Baker,
Andrew Carson

Director: Mitchell Greco
Chorography: Kristin Warren
Costume Design: Colleen Grady
Musical Director: Stephen Jones



RIP Zylla

Here's one from the vaults; Zylla as Riff Raff.  Though he was most famous as Houston's Eddie in the 80s, it was fun to see him step into other roles, including Rocky!  He was also active at TRF and was a friend to everyone he met.


Adrian's Art

The Beautiful Creatures (I) ran a weekly cast newsletter from May of 1999 'til June of 2001. During the summer of 2000, River Oaks staff member Adrian submitted some fabulous sketches to include in the newsletter - some of which were reprinted in the national Rocky Horror fanzine "Crazed Imaginations" that summer.

We're not sure where Adrian is these days, but we still have his amazing artwork and wanted to share them.  Unfortunately most of these are scans from printed issues so the resolution is poor.  

For the 25th Anniversary in Sept 2000

For the Gender Bender show June 24, 2000

For Patricia Quinn's Birthday in May


Alabama Photos

Photos from the Alabama Theater submitted by Becky and Chuck (please confirm?).  Rocky ran at the Alabama from '78 to '83 and I'm not sure which year these photos are from.



Bel-Air Photos

Photos of the Bel-Air cast from Rondel's collection.



Tower Theatre

Before beginning its lengthy run at the Alabama theater Rocky Horror played briefly at the Tower theater on Westheimer.  The Tower theater first opened on February 14, 1936 - 3 years before the Alabama and  River Oaks opened their doors.  It closed it's doors in August, 1978, and the building has since gone through several incarnations - including a concert hall, video store, and now a Tex-Mex restaurant.  Happily, the marquee is still standing.