RHS at Stouffer's Dinner Theater (1984)


RHS at The Owen Theatre in Conroe (July 2024)


RHS at Rockefeller's (1987)

 7/23/87 - 8/2/87 

Directed by: Paul Randolph Johnson 
Produced by: Paul Randolph Johnson 
Starring: Logan Bazar (Frank), Michael Mein (Brad), Tere Myers (Janet) 
Citation: Evans, E. (July 23, 1987). 'Rocky Horror Show' musical comes to town. The Houston Chronicle.


Rocky Horror with Barry Bostwick!

Larry Viezel (RHPS fan club president) has informed me that there will be a private screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show at the 79th annual "League Of American Orchestras" convention here in Houston!!

Marriott Marquis Houston
1777 Walker St. (downtown by Convention center)
Thursday, June 6th at 10:00 pm

Here's the cool part - Barry Bostwick (aka "Brad Majors") will be there courtesy of  The Stander Group.  It's absolutely free, they just want folks dressed up - as either Rocky characters - or something appropriately comparable. 


Alabama Cast


Diane Hatcher, Tina Van Deusen, Johnny Dixon, Liz Roach,
Delia Austin, Lisa Lorentz, Vicky Foster and David Mason
(Larry Reese, Houston Chronicle)


RHS at Lonestar College North Harris

Celebrating 50 years of Rocky Horror on stage with 8 dates in October - 

Note: NO outside props will be allowed in the theatre. Pre-approved Prop bags/packages are available to purchase in the ticketing section or available in the Lobby before the show. 

This show is 18+

Visit the event website for more info & tickets.

Lone Star College North Harris
2700 W W Thorne Dr
Houston, TX 77073


Halloween 2022

So far here's what I know about for Halloween in Houston this year (2022) - 

Ghoulia Child is putting on a production at Numbers night club Sunday, the 30th with her cast "The Sisterhood of Lili St Cyr".

AMC ad from 1985

This is an AMC newspaper ad from January 25, 1985 (I came across it online). What's interesting is if you scroll down to the bottom for the midnight movies you'll see RHPS playing at 4 AMC Theatres: Almeda East, North Oaks, Festival, and Southway. And as far as I know only Almeda had a cast. Were there others? 


Halloween 2017 at River Oaks

I know several other theatres in Houston plan on showing the film without a shadow cast. That is sacrilege. Rocky Horror is a cult movie EXPERIENCE, and Halloween is a sacred time. The River Oaks is a glorious 500-seat theatre with a full bar. The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos cast won't disappoint you. Believe me, I've been around a while. I know about these things.

Tickets on sale at: 

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